Fonts for Instagram

On our web site you will find a lot of new fonts to be used in Instagram. There is a wide selection of fonts for Instagram. Apart from standard fonts, you can generate any beautiful font for Instagram to your choice. Any writings and texts created here can be copied and inserted in any line of your Instagram profile, no matter if it is your username or status, profile heading or stories, post or comment. Besides, various fonts may be used at the web site: underlined, bold, italics or strikethrough.

Online Text Generator

😍👻ⓢⓔⓔ ⓡⓔⓢⓤⓛⓣ 😎👑

How to create a beautiful font

In order to use any font represented at the web site in your Instagram profile, you will have to type the required text in the special site window and select any font you liked. Then you will be able to copy the text types in beautiful letters from the site. Due to this scheme you will be able to add new fonts to your Instagram and uniquely design your profile. Using our web site you can change the fonts in Instagram both in the profile heading and your posts or comments.


In modern world you will need special symbols in order to make your posts truly unique while blogging in Instagram. Apart from various types of text, you will find a great range of fitting symbols for Instagram. For instance, from here you will be able to copy the tick symbol for the Instagram username. You will be able to copy any symbols for Instagram that you would like to add to your profile from our web site.

Number of symbols

In order to plan your content while blogging in Instagram you should know how many symbols may be used while writing an Instagram post, filling in the name or profile heading. So, how many symbols does an Instagram post have?

Instagram is a social network more for photos than texts; therefore, the post volume is limited. The limit is 2,200 symbols per post. And how many symbols does the profile heading include? You will have to fit the required information in 150 symbols in order to add your information to the profile heading. The comments in Instagram have the symbol limit as well: you will not be able to write a comment shorter than two symbols and longer than 1,000 symbols.


You can also create various emojis for Instagram on our web site. You can add emojis created on our web site in both Instagram posts and stories.


The site also has a function of creating unusual emoticons for Instagram. You can find a great emoticon combination for the profile description. The pattern of adding emoticons to the post or stories is similar to the one used for texts and emojis: the emoticon should be added from the web site and pasted into Instagram.


The operational concept of the web site is based on creation of various styles using different Unicode symbols. So technically our web site does not create fonts, but combines the Unicode glyphs compatible with Instagram. What is Unicode Instagram?

All the computerized information is stored in binary format (various combinations of zeros and ones). Even the text that you are currently reading is stored at the server as zeros and ones. At the beginning of the computer era each manufacturer had their own opinion regarding the binary code to be used in order to reflect various text symbols.

In the 1980s the binary code was standardized due to Unicode. Unicode is an international standardization authority working on universal specification of text symbols.

Before Unicode appeared, every programmer used their own methods of storing and rendering text; therefore, every time when two programs created by different programmers had to cooperate, the ‘translator’ was to be created.

Due to the fact that the transition to general standard was quite complicated and not all corporations wanted to transit to the unified system of text symbol coding, Unicode had to apply the set of various symbols to support the systems, including outdated. Soon the number of symbols grew at an exponential rate, and currently it is hundreds of thousands. The emoticons are text symbols as well; therefore, all emoticons appearing every day pass Unicode as well.

The first 128 Unicode symbols are the ASCII symbols which are Latin alphabet. But Unicode contains much more than 128 symbols and many of them resemble Latin characters, but have differences regarding letter boldness or patterns. These symbols can be used to create ‘pseudoalphabets’ resembling ordinary ASCII text but having certain differences: being more bold, written in italic, inverted or underlined!

The ‘Font’ term actually means the set of graphics corresponding to various or some Unicode glyphs. You must have heard about Comic Sans and Arial, which are fonts. The things generated by our web site while creating texts, emojis or emoticons, as well as information that you copy and paste, while using the web site, are actually symbols present in each font. Therefore, text in italics and other elaborate letters that you create to use it in your Instagram profile are actually separate symbols, like letters A and B, for instance.

So, why are these special fonts on our web site needed? If ordinary fonts were represented here, you would not be able to copy and paste them! For instance, you will never be able to insert some words in Comic Sans into your Instagram bio, because the symbols you copy will be ordinary ASCII symbols and will be reflected at the certain sites as determined by the site owner.

However, while using the set of Unicode symbols which look like certain font or are of certain style (bold, italics, underlined or inverted, for instance), we will be able to use such texts to ‘imitate’ a beautiful font in the profile heading or in your Instagram posts.